Come visit one of the Philippines most iconic restaurants. Sample delicacies developed by our storied founder Nina Fox. Nina, with the support of her close friends, was able to pursue her dream of opening up a little restaurant and bar that soon became the Philippines’ favorite Mexican Cantina. Nina’s Papagayo first opened its doors on February 24, 1953 in 1038 A. Mabini St, Ermita. Known for the graciousness and vitality of its founder, its intimate atmosphere, and excellent musicians (personally trained by Nina!), the restaurant briefly expanded to four other locations in Subic Bay Olongapo, Angeles City, Makati, and Guam. Now, the heart and soul of Papagayo can be found in its single remaining location in Olongapo.

Far from being just a restaurant, the Papagayo was a cherished gathering place for friends and family and a hub for American servicemen through which they learned about Philippine culture. In the mid ‘60s, the Papagayo debuted the “Glimpses of Philippine Culture”; a nightly, cultural entertainment presented through music, costumes, and dance.

62 years after its original founding, the restaurant continues to be a family-run business. In the wake of Nina’s death the restaurant closed and later reopened as the Playa Papagayo.

Now in the hands of her daughters Connie and Olive, with the help of their children, the Playa Papagayo is a popular restaurant, bar, and beachside inn; sharing with patrons delicious mexican cuisine as well as a majestic view of Subic Bay.